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Unlock new possibilities thanks to the new generation of games based on blockchain. We are user-centric and grant players multiple rewards based on their in-game progression.


Catch your favorite monsters and decide to turn them into digital assets. The collectibles also known as “NFTs” can be traded at any time within the ecosystem. Several collections are available, all based on scarcity.


Rank yourself among the best trainers and earn true incentives in crypto assets. Several ranking systems are available; Factions, PVP, PVE, Podium & more!


Complete the main game story based on quests and challenges to earn rewards.

Revomon Ecosystem

More than a game, Revomon is a global ecosystem aiming to provide multiple services to players in order to turn them into economic actors matching supply and demand.

Buying and selling NFTs has never been easier; discover Revomon's marketplace for buying in $REVO and $BNB. Filter by rarity, nature and capabilities to refine your search and find that special gem!
Where Ideas Shape Reality. Each month, submit your 2D revomon suggestions and engage in the selection process by using tickets to vote for your favorites. The chosen designs will transcend into stunning 3D realities, brought to life by your collective input. Join us in co-creating the next generation of revomon creatures in a community-driven journey like no other.
Empowering the way of $REVO members to contribute in building the next-gen monster taming game. Through the $REVO cryptocurrency and the Tiers system, we enable a collaborative voting experience, where players vote for the game's evolution.
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Dekute's are usually very timid but also like to be sneaky and playful.

You can turn your
Revomon into NFT

We believe in a gaming world where players can truly own what they collect. Here, all the items you collect, can be turned into tradable NFTs.


Revomon Novus

Revomon Novus integrates $REVO at the heart of its economy. The final game version called “Revomon Novus” kickstarts its launch through a digital collection of lands allowing users to become landlord and offer services to players

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Meet Our Team

Discover the talented individuals who power our project.


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Ferran Pau

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Our Partners

Building synergies for success. Our network of valued partners forms the cornerstone of our achievements.

Play & EarnEcosystemNFTNovusTeamPartners


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